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This website has been created for all of us who love BIG BLUEGILL and FISHING FOR BIG BLUEGILL! Create an account, post blogs about bluegill and redear sunfish and talk about bluegill fishing, research bluegill history, view photos, and post photos of our favorite fish. Your bluegill, redear or pumpkinseed picture doesn't have to be of a gigantic fish. A nice fish with a happy angler or pretty background will do just fine. Photos of redear sunfish, pumpkinseed, hybrid sunfish, or other lepomids (sunfish) are also strongly encouraged. Bluegill fishing methodology is discussed here.  Big shellcrackers and pumpkinseed sunfish rock! This website has tons of great information on bluegill fishing. We especially like bluegill and/or redear sunfish videos.


A Big thankyou goes out to Carl Hendrix 12 Replies

Thanks so much Carl. I thought you said a couple floats and I told you I probably wouldn't use them cause they looked so good and how right I was they are things of beauty. Being as you sent me a few guess what, I can't wait to try them out. Some for framing and some for caching fish. I'm like a little kid in a toy store man can't believe how good they look and they are so fresh I have to let them dry more they are a little damp still. Carl great floats buddy I'll let you know what I think of them, never used a quill float before they look to be sensitive as all get out. Thanks for the Rascals toooooooo.Continue

Started by dick tabbert in Sample Title. Last reply by Nathan Apr 9.


I must say that I am delighted and thrilled to be a part of Bass Pro Shops 2014 Spring Fishing Classic by putting on a panfishing seminar on March 1, 2014 at the Arrundel Mills Mall Bass Pro Shops. I know that maybe only a handful of BBG members are within driving distance of this event, but it would be cool to meet a few of you and talk fishin'!Continue

Started by Jim Gronaw in Sample Title. Last reply by Jeffrey Phillips Apr 2.

Fisherman's Christmas Poem 19 Replies

 Fisherman’s Christmas PoemMerry Christmas to all and all a happy new yearWith new lakes on our minds we can fish without fearWere filled with the knowledge of old lakes of pastWith room for improvement knowing our knowledge will lastWe figure our lake and study or mapsLooking for bars, weed beds, and humps, and grassWe know if we studied and completed our goalWe’ll catch many of them fish we’ve all come to knowIt comes in all species and catching is greatWe fish till were pleased and never hesitateNever hesitate we do for that one more castHoping it never comes and last and last and lastWe love our fishing for obvious reasonsWe fish them happily all through the seasonsWinter, Spring, Summer, and fallIt all fun to us an always a ballWe fish with our jigs we fish with our fliesWe fish till we catch and once and awhile a tiny white lieWe love this old sport we started when youngThe older we get it’s still so much funWe fish in the morning and noon and nightSetting that hook when that floats out of siteIt always an experience that pleasing and trueLove this old sport in the red white and blueSo remember this poem I’m writing to youIt’s one thing we have in common fishing how simple and trueWith friends to share in our experience a mustOh what a beautiful, beautiful rushTill next year with our new found memories galoreWe’ll fish in the waters we all just adoreWe’ll fish long and hard for that beautiful thrillFor that great little fish known as the majestic Bluegill.It’s always a thrill and always so niceOh no I got to go I just seen some ice Continue

Started by dick tabbert in Sample Title. Last reply by Lord of the Fly , Rods Jan 2.

Bruce Condello 41 Replies

As many of you know, I was fortunate to be part of a group of like minded souls who spent some time in Bruce's company this past weekend. I've known Bruce for a little while now, but this was my first chance to interact with him on a more extended, personal level.Bruce opened his home, as well as his personal water,  to myself and everyone else who attended. Those of you who have been members of BBG for some time are already aware of his generosity and compassion, but rest assured that it transcends and encompasses far more than what we experience on the pages of this site. I believe it is truly boundless.And yes, I managed to catch a fish or two. And while I realize that photos are a big part of who, and what we are here at BBG, the simple truth is what I saw and experienced cannot be done adequate justice by any photographic effort. The real message would be lost in a sea of pixels.My friends, I'm asking all of you to please do something for me. Look around the site here at BBG.....think about what it means to you, about what you've learned from being here, what we've shared, what we've experienced  together.....then, think about who makes it all guy. Bruce.Please, if you enjoy BBG, post a reply to Bruce in this thread and let him know it. It doesn't matter if it's a paragraph, a sentence, or just one word.........thanks.Continue

Started by Tony Livingston in Sample Title. Last reply by Bill "Musky" Modica Nov 2, 2013.

A blast from the past....BBG style. 6 Replies

Bruce thought this would make for some interesting reading for BBG members...and it is pretty cool!!

Started by Tony Livingston in Sample Title. Last reply by Tony Livingston Oct 31, 2013.

" WHAT DO WE OWE BRUCE" 16 Replies

I'm gonna start another blog and that will be it till Winter sets in here.  HERE'S WHAT I THINK I OWE BRUCE FOR CREATING "BBG"  " I OWE HIM EVERYTHING I CAN POSSIBLY DO FOR HIM , AND ANYONE ELSE ON HERE FOR THAT MATTER:  My reasoning is very simple . A while back Tony or someone created a blog for thanks to Bruce and that was fine , but it didn't last long enough in my estimation, or go into enough depth.   WHen I came to BBG a short while ago I was just browsing looking for something to do with my hobby of Gill fishing and somewhere were I might find like minded folk . I did right here on this site to my amazement and joy .   My life up till that point was basically like everyone else on here who is retired , or not retired , either way . Get up and do the chores for the day , check the weather , and see what I'll do for the day.   Now I have a purpose in life , to relax number one , enjoy myself in what ever I'm doing , and just kick back and see what's happening on this site !!!!!!!!     I used to fish for the same reason we all do , ENJOYMENT . Whether or not you are competitive in nature or not is of little importance here. It's about the fish and not us.   Yup I always wanted to be a teacher or lawyer , glad I never chose the later, but can still teach if anyone is interested in my opinions . Like Jim Gronaw on here I like to make bugs and see what they catch . This site gave me the opportunity to meet folks like Jim, Sir Jeffrey , Carl , DIck and all the rest on here. That would have never happened in my wildest dreams with out this site.  Sir Jeffrey is of special interest to me because he TESTS anything new  I can dream up . With some success I might add. That's partially because hes' a great fisherman and sometimes we come up with the right combo of size and colors for bugs.    Sir Jeffrey , and I say that with the utmost respect , has opened my eyes to different combinations of things when it comes to making bugs etc.      Without Bruce I never would…Continue

Started by DAVID L EITUTIS in Sample Title. Last reply by DAVID L EITUTIS Dec 17, 2013.

BBG Members...Rank Your Favorite Species 25 Replies

After enjoying Tony's discussion Bluegills or Bust, I thought it might be nice to see what everybody else fishes for. Indeed, our site is based on the greatest panfish and gamefish out there...the bluegill. But certainly we enjoy a variety of species. Cross-over tactics and similar applications can help us catch multiple species, and the info on BBG is top-drawer, all the way!Here is my favorite, or 'top five' to pursue and catch...#1 Bluegill, seeds, redears and hybrids. I like fish for these more than 60% of the time out on the water. Action, beauty, and tablefare...perfect!#2 Crappies...another panfish heavy...great to eat, and I love the fast action at many waters.#3 Hickory and American Shad...a 2-pound hickory will tow a five-pound largemouth around all day, period. American shad are just unbelievable.#4 Carp...I gained a lot of respect for these giants from the Carp Mafia guys..they are just so big! Surprisingly challenging.#5 Channel and Blue Catfish...For their size, channels fight much harder than blues and taste great. But a 58 lb blue is my biggest freshwater fish ever.Strangely absent from the short-list are such heavies as largemouth and smallmouth bass, rainbow trout, walleye and stripers, although I will get on a kick for these guys if there is a hot bite somewhere close to me.I guess, to me, my favorite fish is the very next one I catch!Continue

Started by Jim Gronaw in Sample Title. Last reply by John Sheehan Nov 6, 2013.

Bluegills or Bust?? 38 Replies

BBG members.....a penny for your thoughts.As I look around the pages and the photos posted here, I see a vast array of species portrayed alongside the almighty Lepomis......certainly our members are well versed anglers, capable of emerging triumphant during hand-to-fin combat with any number of fishes, but it gives me reason to ponder.Just what constitutes a serious BG outing, or endeavor, where BBG folks are concerned?Are you happy to just be fishing, content with a tug on your line from anything that swims, or have you set out on a mission, your quarry identified and targeted? I realize there are times when it's simply good to be outside and near the water, enjoying a simple pleasure in today's hectic world. I've been there myself. And I know there are instances where necessity comes into play....our good friend Jim Gronaw makes a living pursuing and writing about fish....All fish. And, understandably, It looks like he enjoys it greatly.But what about those times when you're out to catch BG ( and I'm going to lump all lepomids together under this BG category....something I NEVER do!)......or do you ever set out with just that goal in mind? If you do, what constitutes the difference between a successful outing, and a skunk? I you don't catch many BG, but load up on Crappie and Catfish, was the day still a success? Or are you disappointed?I'll stick my neck out, and admit that I am disappointed if I don't catch BG....that's what I'm fishing for. I quit multi-species angling some years ago, so if I catch something other than a Lepomid, it was probably by accident. Which does can't always control what hits your jig, or picks up your bait....but that doesn't mean I have to be happy about it. And If I continue to catch non-targeted fish, I will move, or pack it up and head home.So, in the spirit of conversation, and remembering that all legal practices, techniques, and personal practices are to be respected, what do the members of BBG consider a serious…Continue

Started by Tony Livingston in Sample Title. Last reply by Charles Ray Herrington Mar 30.

Blog Posts

The Short Life of Kyle VerMaas, and why I'll be forever better for knowing him.

Kyle VerMaas with a monster hybrid sunfish, and a pretty girl on each arm.


I was on the 25-minute ride home from Branched Oak Lake, and I was miserable beyond words. My battle with a big walleye had ended badly. An…


Posted by Bruce Condello on March 22, 2014 at 4:07pm — 15 Comments

Jim Gronaw....A brief profile.

Jim Gronaw must surely be accustomed to wearing many hats.....husband, father, grandfather, talented outdoor writer, angler extraordinaire, and last but certainly not least, one of our very own moderators, right here at !

Residing in Westminster, MD., You're liable to find Jim Gronaw either casting a line at one of several local hotspots, or busily putting the finishing touches on his latest outdoor themed article. Jim's…


Posted by Tony Livingston on January 17, 2014 at 8:32am — 15 Comments

My computer is fixed!!!!

I can actually participate again in BBG.  I've been going through withdrawal.

Posted by Bruce Condello on February 20, 2014 at 3:31pm — 4 Comments

Blue Gill Joubertina, Eastern Cape South Africa

The Beginning:

There are only two types of fish here; the overly praised bass and the belittled Blue Gill. There are no other fish, the ocean is 3 hours drive away and the trout and yellowfish are many hours away(I couldn't afford that anyway)

No one knows for sure how BG got here, but they are here now and I am grateful. It is not even…


Posted by Mathew Blakeway on January 8, 2014 at 8:15am — 8 Comments

Rough Week

Last week I lost my life time fishing partner and friend, my father, after a long but brave battle with pancreatic cancer, and just yesterday I lost my awesome Navy Veteran grandfather on my mothers side, also after a brave battle with cancer. Such a rough week, I need to go fishing.

Next time you BBG Friends go out, catch some fish for a couple of fallen brethren. Thank you guys.

Posted by chris kowaleski on December 10, 2013 at 8:22am — 17 Comments


WELL DON'T KNOW WERE TO START A TRIBUTE TO LEO , and his family , for his efforts on here but I'll try in my own fashion:

   When I first came to this site it was my pleasure to become friends with Dick Tabbert , Leo , and so many others on here just too numerous to mention.

    BUT LETS' PUT THINGS IN PERSPECTIVE : WHO IS LEO ? VERY COMPLEX QUESTION with a short and simple answer. He's one of the most giving of time, knowledge , and expert advise , on the site period. If I am…


Posted by DAVID L EITUTIS on December 2, 2013 at 7:27pm — 11 Comments

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5 minutes ago
JBplusThuy commented on Rick King's photo


"I don't know what species the ones around here are, but they're fairly small. Robin-sized, I'd say. No larger than a blue jay, for sure. There's one that's always beating up a telephone pole near my house."
12 minutes ago
John Sheehan commented on Jeffrey D. Abney's photo
25 minutes ago
John Sheehan commented on Jeffrey D. Abney's photo

Caught 10 Giant Golden Shiners on Tipped 1/32 Ounce Jigs

"These are a  somewhat rare catch in New Jersey . Most I ever caught ,at one time, was I think 7 ,when I was a kid . How many do you think you caught on this outing Jeffrey? "
25 minutes ago
dick tabbert commented on DAVID L EITUTIS's photo

4/18/19 Master JIM GRONAW'S BUGS !!!!!

"More great looking jigs Jim as usual."
1 hour ago
Leo-pomis Humanochirus commented on Angelo C Mastrando Jr.'s photo


"yak-attack gill. Nice!"
2 hours ago
Leo-pomis Humanochirus commented on Jeffrey D. Abney's photo
2 hours ago
Leo-pomis Humanochirus commented on Adam Rink's photo

7'' Warmouth (4-23-14)

"The fighter vs the smileless. Great catch. Man, still looking for these elusive ones around here."
2 hours ago
Rick King commented on Andy "Fillet em" Eitutis's photo

10 TO 11"

"so much fun...."
2 hours ago
Rick King commented on DAVID L EITUTIS's photo

4/18/19 Master JIM GRONAW'S BUGS !!!!!

"Your right tooty - they are truly great guys and sports fisherman"
2 hours ago
Rick King commented on Rick King's photo


"Thanks JBplus , they are native to the UP of Michigan and are called Pileated Woodpecker and get very large."
2 hours ago
dick tabbert commented on Jeffrey D. Abney's photo
2 hours ago
dick tabbert commented on Frank J Harvey's photo


"Nice spoon fed gill Frank."
2 hours ago
dick tabbert commented on Jeffrey D. Abney's photo
2 hours ago
dick tabbert commented on Adam Rink's photo

7'' Warmouth (4-23-14)

"Nice Warmouth Adam. One thing about a war mouth if they miss the bait the 1st time they usually come back for 2nds."
2 hours ago
Adam Rink posted a photo

7'' Warmouth (4-23-14)

Caught this nice little chunky warmouth yesterday. Was burning in a missed hit and it burst out of the weeds and took my bait. A nice surprise.
4 hours ago
Adam Rink commented on David, aka, "McScruff"'s photo

You Know It's True!

"Haha, that's too funny."
4 hours ago
JBplusThuy commented on Rick King's photo


"That's really nice! The woodpeckers like telephone poles in my area lol"
4 hours ago
David, aka, "McScruff" commented on Jeffrey D. Abney's photo

Caught 10 Giant Golden Shiners on Tipped 1/32 Ounce Jigs

"We used em as bass bait years ago in FL. First time I caught one I was surprised to see them. I didn't know they were native fishes."
5 hours ago
mike martinez commented on Jeffrey D. Abney's photo
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