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This website has been created for all of us who love BIG BLUEGILL and FISHING FOR BIG BLUEGILL! Create an account, post blogs about bluegill and redear sunfish and talk about bluegill fishing, research bluegill history, view photos, and post photos of our favorite fish. Your bluegill, redear or pumpkinseed picture doesn't have to be of a gigantic fish. A nice fish with a happy angler or pretty background will do just fine. Photos of redear sunfish, pumpkinseed, hybrid sunfish, or other lepomids (sunfish) are also strongly encouraged. Bluegill fishing methodology is discussed here.  Big shellcrackers and pumpkinseed sunfish rock! This website has tons of great information on bluegill fishing. We especially like bluegill and/or redear sunfish videos.



.So to up the game of fishing for me I decided to set a tough goal of completing a set of master angler awards of 4 of my favorite panfish. The bluegill, pumpkinseed, crappie and rock bass are the targets. It gives me a little more drive to get out there and move my spine around a little, get some fresh air as well as a little therapy for the mind. There is no other activity for me that comes close to accomplishing this than fishing. This may just give me that little bit of push to get off that couch go to the launch and follow thru with a launch into the water rather than turn back because I’m “unable to cope with the pain today”. Last season was an excellent season for me… hunting the Master Angler patches for the panfish kept me in the game and I believe my health benefited from that. So we’ll try it again, this time adding a significant degree of difficulty. This year I plan on adding video clips etc to document the learning progression in this endeavor. so hopefully by the end of the season these spaces will be filled with Master angler sized fish.Continue

Started by Slip Sinker in Sample Title. Last reply by Slip Sinker yesterday.


T'was the night after Christmas, and on his way back,Santa's Reindeer were hungry, they needed a snack.He ask what they wanted and he heard their reply,They wanted to eat more bluegill with Lord of the Fly, RodsThe secret was out, It was no longer news,Reindeer like bluegill, Yes this is true.They ate all the hushpuppies, and on the gills did they fill,That included all the one's I had poached from Richman Mill.Santa's appetite was enormous, and he showed no refrane,He said "Pass me some more of that Condello Strain ".As all the fish disappeared and went out of sight,Santa yelled  "Merry Christmas to All, and to All a good night! "That's when it happened, a problem of sorts,Santa's belt had snapped , and he was standing there in his shorts.The Reindeer were laughing, and shouting with glee, So much that Rudolph could not hold on to his pee.Santa was in trouble, and I knew I had to help,So I gave him a rope that He could use as a belt.I tied a knot  Carl  taught me at the first Rendezvous,Santa said ,"  This is embarrassing, Let's keep this between  Me and  You ".You can buy my silence, but it comes at a price,To see you at our next  " Get Together" sure would be niceI know the Duncans' and Tootie, and Johnny will be surprised,When they see who comes with the Lord of the Fly...Rods.This is the end of my story of Christmas this year,How Santa stopped by,  with eight hungry Reindeer.Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night,May you all have tight lines and get lots of bites.MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR !to all the members of Bluegill Big BluegillLORD OF THE FLY RODS 2014  Continue

Started by Lord of the Fly , Rods in Sample Title. Last reply by Jeffrey D. Abney Dec 24, 2014.

MY Xmas experience 2014 7 Replies

MY Xmas experience 2014It’s that time of year it’s upon on us once againwe know when where a shopping it seem to never end.There is no way to win there is so much that I wantI’m looking through the store in all of my favorite haunts.I hunt for the things on my list that I know I needto make fishing more exciting or is it only greed.My tackle boxes are full no room for anything moreso I’ll just buy another box or two or three or even four.I know I’ve herd of things I need here on this awesome siteof things I want of things I tie and cinch them nice and tight.I seen on here yesterday that buying’s stuffs a mustIf you don’t believe me now my friends just ask the man call McScruff.He sending me off my friends to an awesome placeTo buy beads by the hundreds and maybe even lace.Then there is Tooty with lots of rods I knowYou’ll never have enough he says there’s some that even glow.So another rod I’ll have there’s never ever enoughI can put it in the barns where I store all my other stuff.Then there’s the reel a new reel to match with my new rodThe rods I need I’m told just ask that mighty spoon chucker Musky Mod.Then there is LOFR who knows how to cook and eatI know I’ll just love them everyone them awesome cuts of meat.Now lets not forget Leo my friend with his wisdom and whitwho helps me out quite often with a swipe and just one click.Then there is this man called John a man here I knowwho loves all kinds music even loud and sweet and low.He’s a picker of great music that’s a pleasure to my earA musician with music that’s so great and an honor for me to hear. But now lets not leave just yet  my friend it goes without sayingthis site left me full and a place for me to do my playing.The playing came true with all these great people here I knowthe friends that I friended and a place for me and you to go.Now there is one more I know I need indeed to tellhis name is Bruce the man you know who rang this mighty bell.His goals they were set and met on this great, great…Continue

Started by dick tabbert in Sample Title. Last reply by David, aka, "McScruff" Dec 26, 2014.


One thing I have noticed, season after season, is that once the water temperatures drop below 55 F the bluegills show a marked preference for smaller jigs and baits. Yesterday, 11-11-14, I had two rods rigged with small was the Pink Shrimp Auto at 1/32 oz and a # 6 hook and the other was a 1/64th oz shad dart head with a #8 hook. Both jigs were spiked with very small worm segments and as the evening wore on the baits just got smaller as the gill wanted just a hint of bait on the jig. Both were fished on 4 lb mono with 5 ft drops below small sensitive bobbers. Worm segments were approximately 1/4 inch or slightly smaller.The PSA caught some fish, but was clearly outfished by the SD head, likely because of it smaller size. Got just as many bites on the Auto, but missed many more fish. The bite was soft with the small plastic oval bobber just 'tilting' at times or slowly going under.Mostly hen gills but a few males in the mix along with some pretty p-seeds. Best fish of the day was a 9.5 inch P-gill hybrid. Most fish were 8 to 9 inches, some larger.More than likely, I will go to 100th and even 1/200th oz Trout Magnet Heads as the water temps continue to drop and tip with a couple maggots or perhaps a wax worm. And, will likely have to switch to more sensitive bobbers as well.Yesterdays totals were 50 gills/seeds and 2 bass. Fish were stacked up against the dam face as the wind blew in heavily from the south west on this 6 acre public lake in southern PA. Five ft…Continue

Started by Jim Gronaw in Sample Title. Last reply by Jim Gronaw Mar 17.


Well, I had never done it before, but today I decided to try tipping my 1/64th oz shad dart jighead with two different baits to see if it would make a difference. I fished a small public lake in Adams County, PA from 3 to 5 pm. Weather was splendid...68 degrees and partly sunny skies and calm and the fish were biting.Last week I had to go to the drop-shot/live worm rig to catch fish that had settled near the bottom of 6-8 feet of water after a cold front. Not today, as I found fish 5 ft from the surface over a submerged creek bed. Using the jig with a small piece of garden worm, I caught fish steadily until I reached a count of 19 fish, then decided to try the Gulp! minnows as a tipping bait. Since the entire 1 inch minnow would make a bulky, oversized offering for the gills, I decided to use the back half of the minnow as a tipping option, suspended just like the jig/worm option. Here are the results...The first three fish I caught on the Gulp minnow tipped jig were the three largest of the day at 10 to 10.5 inches. I don't know why this is, maybe a small group of bigger fish just cruised in at this particular time, but the top three were on successive casts. Maybe the jig and Gulp presented a slightly larger offering that only the bigger fish would approach...just a guess.I caught the same amount...19 apiece...on each tipping option for a total of 38 released fish. Most of the fish on the Gulp tipping were 9 inches or better, and the worm offering fish were just slightly smaller. I fished each option for one hour.Worm fish tended to take the bobber under with more gusto, and would make the bobber dissapeer. The fish that took the Gulp tipped jig tended to 'trail off' with the jig, not always pulling the bobber below the surface. Sometimes, they would just 'tilt' the bobber and you had to be able to…Continue

Started by Jim Gronaw in Sample Title. Last reply by Andy is OptiMystic Jan 16.

A Big Thank You !!! 9 Replies

To all the People that came to the Bluegill Rendezvous I want to say " Thank You for making it a big success ! We knew that fishing would be tough but getting to meet the other members that we visit with on Bluegill Big Bluegill   was the real Trophy, could not ask to meet a finer bunch of people. We got to visit while looking in each others tackle and  techniques, we ate good and had a big time with lots of laughs and giggles, overall I hope everyone had as big of a time as I did, and if you get a chance to attend another Rendezvous I will highly recommend  it, it was one of the best times I have had in a while. Once again  THANKS  for  big time , I see you at our next one  .    LOFRContinue

Started by Lord of the Fly , Rods in Sample Title. Last reply by Slip Sinker Jan 15.

High Tec Pieces of Art Quills 27 Replies

Lookie,Lookie Lookie,  Look what I got in the mail this weekend, these pieces of art with my logo on them,  and on top of that they glow in the dark, THANKS Carl, the only thing I have found wrong with these is you need to sign your works of art, or at least put your initials on them . If you only new how many  bluegill are going to be hooked under these  with my fly rod. Again Thanks a lot  for mine and Kendall's new Quills.    LOFRContinue

Started by Lord of the Fly , Rods in Sample Title. Last reply by carl hendrix Feb 20.

Blog Posts

A few random thoughts about bluegill

I'd like to just reiterate a couple of my thoughts about bluegill.

Many of us started with bluegill.  When we caught bluegill as kids, we were proud and excited.  They were willing participants in the angling game, and were scrappy fighters for their size.  Bluegill were also beautiful by any standards, and were curiously varied and original.

Many of us drifted away from bluegill as we aged.  We became jaded, and influenced by those around us.  We were told that…


Posted by Bruce Condello on April 7, 2015 at 9:33pm — 7 Comments

Methodology to catching panfish under the ice...

     I have been asked a few times on this site what tactics I use to catch crappie and blue gill through the ice. So I thought the best way to answer would be to put a post together with some…


Posted by Nathanael Deloach on February 10, 2015 at 10:00am — 53 Comments

Mad River Canoe Adventure 14

September 20, 2014

Took the Mad River Adventure 14 'yakkanoe' out again. As I mentioned before, it takes 21 days to make a habit stick. That said, more trips are definitely needed!


My Secret Fishing…


Posted by David, aka, "McScruff" on September 20, 2014 at 4:30pm — 14 Comments

Tail Gunner Tactics For Gills

Hey guys and gals... I know this tactic is nothing new, but I think it deserves review.The 'tailgunner' rig for shallow bedding or feeding gills is simply the use of a small, floating crankbait with a short dropper tied to it with a dry or wet fly attached.

We used this simple rig today for over 70 gills over a windy, shallow spawning area and could easily have caught more. We like the small floating Rapalas or the Yo Zuri Tad Fry and a six to 10 inch dropper of 6 lb test lo-vis mono… Continue

Posted by Jim Gronaw on May 31, 2009 at 8:41pm — 11 Comments

Experimenting with slip floats.

Since I'm unable to fish,broken heart  I thought I would post a few photos showing what I'm up to with my floats. This first photo shows the materials I'm using: Cans of primer and topcoat, 3/16" rigid aquarium tubing, glass beads from the craft store, some 5/32" hardened drill rod used for a turning mandrel, 1" square balsa blocks, and some split, flat washers and O-rings, used for float weighting.…


Posted by Tony Livingston on December 30, 2012 at 12:01pm — 1 Comment

Souped up slip bobbers... part 2..

Slide the tube back into the foam body and secure it with a drop of glue. I recommend  leaving about 3/4" of the tube sticking out of the top of the float body.

Now, take those metal flat washers, clamp em' in a vise, and use a hacksaw to cut through one side. Like thus:

Slide an appropriate amount of…


Posted by Tony Livingston on August 22, 2012 at 1:20pm — 12 Comments

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5/22/15 havasu redear am bite

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5/22/15 havasu redear am bite

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The Flathead (Shovelhead for Carl) is a hair over 14 lbs. The Blue Cats range from 5 - 7 lbs.I have some Channel Cat fillets in my freezer already. Gonna have a Trifecta Fish Fry tomorrow!
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" The Flathead is a hair over 14 lbs.  The Blue Cats are between 5 and 7 lbs each. I've got fillets from a couple Channel Cats already in my freezer.  Gonna have a Trifecta fish fry tomorrow!"
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